Tardigrades have become a recent passion of mine. They are great for ammature researchers due to their ubiquity. Very little is known about them. New species are still being discovered and offer opportunities for the hobby naturalist

Researching water bears reveals life's potential

“And for all we know about the tardigrades, you’d have to assume—if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere”

Joseph Stomberg

“Tardigrades can be found all over the world from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from high mountains to deserts, in urban areas and backyard gardens.”

Roberto Guidetti

“I wish I were a waterbear

Then I'd be comfy anywhere

In a vacuum, boiled or frozen

Centuries of happy dozing

Pressure never leaves you in despair When you're a waterbear ”


Mal Webb

“A New Species of Freshwater Tardigrades from Disko Island (Greenland) Increases an Unsolved Paradox in Tardigrade Systematics.”

Jesper G. Hansen et al.

“Very little is known about their development, in fact less than just any other animal phylum. The three most importnat papers about tardigradesd were publsihed between 1895 and 1929”

Bob Goldstein

"Finally, after seven years, we are very happy to inform you that the genome of H. dujardini has been sequenced and assembled by a consortium of three labs: Mark Blaxter's group at the University of Edinburgh, Aziz Aboobaker's group at the Oxford University and Itai Yanai's group at Technion.“

Łukasz Michalczyk