Please take a look at the video and check out these links to learn more about water bears.

Microbial Life

This site by Carlton College provides great education resources for the classsroom as well as links to further scientifc research.

Tardigrade Book

Great little book written for middle schoolers but anyone interested into getting into this field will learn about the phylum, how to find water bears in your back yard and how to use the microscope. It is available at Amazon.

Animal Planet

Tardigrades came in as #7 in the list of the most extreme animals in 2011. This video is a good summary of these animals and what makes them so fascinating.

American Scientist

Microbe Hunter

​​The young woman in my office doorway is inquiring about the summer internship I am offering. What’s a tardigrade? she asks.


These ambling, eight-legged microscopic “bears of the moss” are cute, ubiquitous, all but indestructible and a model organism for education.

​​Mike Shaw covers in this article how to find water bears and how to prepare them for microscope observation. This issue also contains many practrical tips for the use of microscopes.

Tardigrades in NJ

Yes, this is correct. Besides being the hot bed for reality TV shows, NJ can also pride itself of being the focus of an intensive water bear study. Samples across twenty-one counties of New Jersey were collected. The results are summarized in this research paper.